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Circus classes, workshops, school projects, work excursion, weddings, shows, galleries, hotels, events… join us for one of my classes or have a unique event with a special circus theme with different performers! Whatever it is there are lots of different ways to have some circus fun in your life!
Please have a closer look at my page and if you haven’t found what you looking for feel welcome to contact me for any further info or questions you might have!
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Circus fun in Kaimuki

FREE Trial class!

Come and join us one day to try our Circus Fun class!

Circus Class Gecko A

8:30am to 12:00pm

This class is designed for children between 3-7 years. Circus disciplines such as acrobatics, juggling, walking globe will be introduced. All activities are designed in a creative, fun, and age appropriate way. A healthy snack is provided from school.

Circus Class Gecko B

8:30am to 1:30pm

In addition to the morning program this class continuous with circus arts and crafts. The children will create their own magic tricks, costumes, juggling equipment etc. Furthermore, the children will have time in between to explore the wonderful big yard with lots of things to play with. Lunch will be together with the teachers and classmates at school. Lunch has to be provided from home.

Circus Fun has been granted an exemption from childcare licensing requirements as children are in care with Circus Fun for less than 6 hours per week.

Circus classes/workshops

Circus is fun for all ages!

In this workshops the kids will have the chance to learn about Circus skills and, different circus groups. It will be a mix between Object manipulation (for example juggling balls or clubs, Diabolo, Hula Hoops, Devil sticks), Equilibristic (like how to use Pedalo, Globe, Rola Bola, Unicycle, Slack line), Acrobalance (individual, partner and group postures) and Performing (which includes Clowning and fakir techniques).

Circus Mix for kids

2 hours

Age 4-6 up to 12 children
Age 7-12 up to 12 children
Bigger size groups are possible please contact me for further info!
Circus Mix for adults 2 hours
All ages are welcome (up to 15 people)

Circus Special

4 hours class age 7+

In this special circus workshops the kids (or adults) will have the chance to learn different circus disciplines like acrobatic, diabolo, walking globe, juggling, fakir techniques etc. but in a more detailed way. You will have more time to practice your favorite circus task. At the end of the day we will have a small show to show your family and friends what we learned.

Circus Birthday Parties

This is an opportunity to celebrate your birthday in a unique way!

You and your friends will get a chance to learn how to juggle, to walk on a globe or to balance on a rola bola. During this class you will learn about different circus skills and you will get the chance to practice some of them. At the end we will have a small performance. It's time to show your parents and friends what you've learned!

Circus Birthday Parties Age 4+

For further information please contact me.

Circus Parties & Events

Looking for a unique theme for your fundraiser event, dealership grand opening, gallery, or wedding? What ever event it is, Circus Olina can provide you with circus performers, aerial artists, jugglers, individual and duo acrobatic performers, hula hoop dancers, balloon artists, stilt walkers, unicyclists and so much more! You picture it, we put it together for you!

Please feel free to contact me with any questions, pricing options, or event ideas you may have.

Unicycle (private lesson)

Do you want to learn how to ride a unicycle? Private lesson available upon request ALL AGES ARE WELCOME!
Often, adults are afraid to try to ride the unicycle and they think they won't be able to learn it... I can prove them wrong! The oldest man I taught how to ride a unicycle was 75 years old. For his birthday party he performed for his friends!

Afternoon Circus Fun

Afternoon Circus Fun is a mix of circus games, disciplines like juggling, spinning plate, walking globe, balance beam, etc.
Every Thursday at Wai'lae Charter School:
Circus Mix A, children age 5+, 2:30pm - 3:15pm
Circus Mix B, children age 5+, 3:25pm - 4:10pm
Circus Mix C, children age 7+, 4:15pm - 5:00pm
Please see for additional locations, events, workshops, etc. or feel welcome to contact me anytime.


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Ronja Buck

My name is Ronja Buck and I grew up in Soest, a small city in Germany. I am a certified occupational therapist and I've also worked in various circus groups for many years. As a child, I learned several disciplines in a youth circus classes like unicycling, juggling, acrobatics and trapeze.


Since 1997, I have been consistently training in various circuses. After a few years, I received my trainer license and started working in a circus and in several sport clubs in Soest, Germany. Through that opportunity, I was able to pass these skills on to children. In October 2004, I moved to the city of Muenster to begin a 3-year educational program as an occupational therapist. Regrettably, I had to leave my former groups due to the move. However, I was able to continue pursuing my passion by working for a circus and various sport clubs there. In addition to training children in these circus groups and my professional work as an occupational therapist, I spent a considerable amount of my free time on weekends and during holidays participating voluntarily in circus projects throughout Germany.


In September 2010, I moved to Hawaii. Since then, I have continued to improve my circus skills. I developed this website to create the same possibility for kids and adults. Circus has been a part of my life for over 15 years and I decided rather than give it up because of the move, I would share it with you…



Circus Olina LLC

P.O Box 89045 Honolulu, HI 96830

Mobile: 808-489-2834


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